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The Perfect Handful (assuming the hands are large)

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It’s no secret.  I had a redo on my breast augmentation 3 days ago. I did the unthinkable…went for smaller implants and a redo on the perkiness.  Without all the details, since that is only shared with my closest friends publicly on twitter, I expect to be down one cup size (into single letters) which will be better suited for my body.   

Is it weird that I asked my surgeon for the old implants back?  They were quite an investment at $1800 a pair. Plus I was fascinated with exactly what I had been lugging around for 5 months. They were the reason for the dents on both of my shoulders.

Old Rack Parts

Old Rack Parts

I sit here with my new rack attached.  Next to me are the old set.  Guess I’ll use the old set as a stress balls until the new ones are ready.

For those who are interested, Dr. Saltz is a fabulous plastic surgeon in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I’d recommend him to anyone who is looking to do self improvement work and wants a reputable surgeon.  

By the way, I’m on the road to a full recovery and am currently 90% back to normal on day 3.  Yeah, I’m a trooper like that.  Oh yeah, and my eyes are brown. 😉

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  1. Comment by Scott:

    Love the new banner, so glad you chose the one that I voted for in your poll. Nice to hear that you’re almost 100%.

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