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Frozen Boobs?

By Susan Mercedes. Filed in Family  |  
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I finally brought home my old set of implants which I left at friend’s house. They were in a white plastic bucket with a lid. This is the discussion that followed with my darling 9 year old daughter.

Kid:”What’s in the bucket?”
Me: “My old boobs.”
Kid: “Ewww. Are they bloody?”
Me: “No. Take a look.”
Kid: “Wow, they’re really heavy.”


Kid: “Can I freeze them? They look like ice packs.”

Ice Packs?

Ice Packs?

Yeah, I’d be THAT mom. The one with the kid who uses frozen boob implants to keep her sandwich and drink chilled.

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  1. Comment by Bunnie:

    Those would be great boo-boo ice packs! Or even better for migraine/headache ice packs, they would totally cup your head. Your daughter is brilliant!

  2. Comment by dm:

    so, err, how are the new ladies doing?

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