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Dear Tuesday

By Susan Mercedes. Filed in Life  |  
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Dear Tuesday,

I have high hopes for you. Monday totally let me down. Then kicked my ass.

Tuesday, I realize that you have a busy work day planned for me. I can handle that. But please don’t kick my ass like Monday did.

And you also give me hope. Having a 1.5 hour massage scheduled will help you seem less like an ass. And dinner with friends at my house tonight helps even more. And the best part about you Tuesday, my friends are cooking for me. I will do my part. And by my part, I mean open and pour wine. It’s what I’m good at. Oh, and eating.

Thanks for being gentle.

Much love,

Susan Mercedes

P.S. Please tell Monday that yesterday was Global Orgasm Day and I did my part. Sure, it was by myself. But it was epic. Thanks again for being so sweet.


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  1. Comment by Amberly:

    I agree. Today, Tuesday, was definitely better than yesterday. Long live Tuedays!

    Susan Mercedes Reply:

    Amberly: Mondays generally suck.

  2. Comment by @knappst3r:

    I hope that Tuesday ended well, I know mine did :)

    Susan Mercedes Reply:

    @knappst3r: My Tuesday ending was the best ever. Seriously, you guys cheered me right up. Good friends, lots of wine and great food made it perfect.

  3. Comment by Christopher Brown:

    National Orgasm Day!?! How the fuck did I miss that?

    Susan Mercedes Reply:

    Christopher Brown: I almost missed it. However I celebrate it more often than annually.

  4. Comment by AV Flox:

    I am starting to think every day needs to be Global Orgasm Day! Glad you had an orgasm despite how much Monday let you down.

    Susan Mercedes Reply:

    AV Flox: I suppose we can have our own private celebration of Global Orgasm Day every day, just as you suggest. I’m in.

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